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Our Message

And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in chains.

Colossian 4:3-6

Paul had wisdom and experience being a good witness but knew that if God did not prepare the why his efforts would be in vain. As believers, we should have a longing within us to share the gospel, the Good news of Christ, and as phrased in the NIV, "our message." Our message is God's love and mercy was shown to us through the sacrifice of His Son. Once we understood the need for salvation and accepted Christ as our Savior, Christ's persecution, death, burial, and resurrection delivered us from the certainty of damnation and welcomed us into a family with eternal promise, and equipped us to live abundant lives through Christ.

The love and mercy God offered should define us as Christians. Our actions and communications should reflect our message.

Paul encourages us to pray to be good witnesses. He instructs us to be wise in how we act around those who do not yet know or truly understand the message that provides grace, deliverance, and healing to the hearer.

There are many spiritual and feel-good messages out there, but God's love distinguishes our God-given message. Other messages may talk of love and acceptance and empowerment, but none of them have the power to bring about change. As believers, when we walk in God's love, we walk in the power that comes from that love.

Is our message about condemnation, punishment, and how awful humanity is, or is our message about the love and sacrifice of God?

We should not sugar coat the message because all have sinned, and the wages of sin is death, and the world must know that to come to repentance. However, we must not let those truths overshadow and cloud out the love and grace of God. Paul continues to tell us that our words and the message that we are sharing with others should always be "full of grace, seasoned with salt," giving the hearers a witness that they willing to receive. It is a message that provides answers not only to a select few but a message that will answer every one, whether the response of the hearer is to choose life or stay in darkness.

Lord help us to proclaim our message, the Good News, with clarity. Give us wisdom, self-control, and compassion so that we can communicate with others gracefully. Help us live our lives so that others may know we are your disciples because of our love. Forgive our sins and help us to walk upright before you, in Jesus Name Amen

Exercise Our Message.

Prayerfully go through this week asking God to open the hearts and ears of those who need your witness. As you wait for the doors to open, show the message of God's love and mercy through your actions and conversation.

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1 Comment

Barb Hegreberg
Barb Hegreberg
Jan 23, 2021

Paul is such a great example of a changed life!!

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