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Healing the Body of Christ:

Embracing Abundant Life

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When we are saved, we become one with the Body of Christ.

So why are many of us sick and hurting?

Life brings with it many trials and circumstances that will try to hinder and destroy the faith and will of the believer. However, despite the attempts of Satan to defeat us, God calls and empowers us to live victoriously and healthy.

“Healing the Body of Christ” takes the reader on a journey of knowledge, deliverance, healing, and growth. In this book, Dr. Avis Sparks

  • diligently references and explains the Word of God to help guide the reader towards maturity and wholeness in Christ

  • discusses hindrances to receiving deliverance and walking in the character of God

  • addresses the church’s brokenness, and details the cure and treatment God readily provides


As we faithfully yield to being transformed into the image of Christ, God in His unmeasured faithfulness and loving-kindness, will continue to empower us to have a productive and healthy Christian lifestyle.


The Study Guide is an excellent resource to enhance your study time. Individuals and Churches can combine the Study Guide with the book to facilitate a small group study or Bible Study. Healing the Body of Christ Study Guide is available on Amazon and can also be purchased on the Website.  

The topics discussed in this Healing the Body of Christ explain how God wants us to live a life of growth, transformation, and wellness. The Study Guide is a tool to help guide study time, mediation and create discussions that support the development of roots to the truths of God so that we see the fruit of them in our everyday lives.

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