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Meet Avis


As a child, Avis Sparks loved story time with her mother. Avis enjoyed listening and imagining the Bible stories her mother would tell so animatedly. She was engrossed by the stories of Daniel in the lion’s den and David and Goliath. She could feel the boldness and faith that the characters had in God and wanted to have that same relationship with Him. Her love for a good story transformed into a love for the Word of God, and as she grew, she truly began to understand the love that God had for her. At a young age, her mother encouraged her to study God’s Word and know it for herself. In her efforts to do so, she grew not only in faith but grew in the desire to share the love and Word of God with others. Her shyness kept her from starting many conversations, but her passion drove her to write personal letters instead. Her writing progressed to journaling, poetry, inspirational devotionals, and books.

Avis spent most of her higher learning experience in the sciences. She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Tougaloo College and a Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. After finishing post-doctoral training at the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, she had the opportunity to stay home with her children and dedicate time to studying the Word of God and finally writing the books she felt inspired to share. She truly believes that the Word of God and His love addresses all the issues of humanity, and she wants to share the truths she has learned with others.

She has two beautiful children with her husband Kendrick and they reside in Laurel, MS.

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