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Meet Kendrick


In his youth, Kendrick Sparks was introduced to Christ our Lord through family. Like many others, Kendrick’s parents were very devout Christians and instilled within him the character of Christ and wisdom to trust in Him. As a young adult Kendrick began to know Christ for himself and understand the depths of His love and became inspired to show it in ways he believed Christ has lead him. He began practicing medicine, the first of several ministries in his journey, and has looked to Christ for guidance in this. Now he and Avis share a family, and through their marriage ministry have decided to share their knowledge of God so others may also be encourage to receive God's love and guidance.

Kendrick earned a Bachelor’s of Science from University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine from University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. His Internal Medicine Residency was completed at the University of Louisiana Health Science Center. He is presently practicing Internal Medicine in Mississippi and believes that educating a patient is important to supporting their health of beyond the walls of the hospital. He also believes that educating the believers in the Body of Christ is important in supporting their holistic health as the journal through this life. 

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