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Test me, Jesus; I want to serve you.

Try me; Lord, let me show you what I am willing to do.

That “Yes,” you said down deep in your heart

The movement towards God’s will that said you would yield every part.

Was it solid? Was it sturdy? Was it genuinely ready to trust?

Is it faithfully, dedicated, willing to do what it must?

Does it buckle at discomfort? Does it do a 180° to avoid the pain?

Will it justify its transgressions? Will disappointments make it go lame?

Does desire bring about deaf ears?

Does lust blur its vision?

Do other voices tempt it to change its mission?

When yes beckons you to forgive, did you reply too soon?

When it became uncomfortable, did you shriek back and move?

How long with patience did you wait for your time to come?

Or was your yes soon replaced with grumbling and complaining

And thoughts of “I am done.”

How many hours of toll and unrequited effort

Before you stop giving it, your all

What caused that, yes, to turn into what about me

What day did you decide that this is not what I need

When you said “Yes,” did you value it at all

Those words crossed your lips with zeal and passion, but will they soon fall?

Are will you see the God that you said yes to and remember “Why”?

Will acknowledge the error and repent

And reclaim those words on your knees.

Will you see it no longer only a way to satisfy Me, Me, Me?

What worth does your “Yes” have to you if any of these things had you to discard it?

What honor do you plan to Give God when your "Yes" is continuously disregarded?

Consider reclaiming or strengthening your hold on your “Yes” to God. He wants to help you with the commitments you made to Him. He will renew your strength, restore your joy, comfort and guide you. Your “Yes” not only committed you to God but established your access to help and provision from God. Don’t try to walk in your “Yes” alone.

“I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

Psalm 16:18

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