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A Servant's Heart

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Today I celebrated the life of a wonderful, loving, hardworking woman, my Aunt Bajda Morgan Daniels with family and friends.

The Reverend encouraged us to follow her example of servitude and not complaining, with the caution that Christ is the perfect example. Aunt Bajda served her community and supported her family until the restraints of declining health stopped her.

“ But the greatest among you will be your servant.”
-Matt 23:11

In His love, Christ saw His greatness not as an excuse to look away from those in need but as the reason He should help those in need. He shared His righteousness, provision, and power with us because, without it, we would be lost. He chose to follow His Father’s wish and used His greatness to help and serve others. Aunt Bajda followed Christ’s example and used her gifts, time, compassion, and resources to change numerous lives through asks of service.

Mrs. Bajda Morgan Daniels

Sunrise October 16, 1947- Sunset January 10, 2021

A Servant’s Pride

Servants for Christ paying their dues –

Being there to meet others’ need, and offer the Good News

Overcoming obstacles and recovering and providing for those who have lost,

Committing themselves to the cause no matter what the cost.

Embracing the pain and looking to God for the lives they change,

Not wanting a parade or seeking glittering things,

Just honored by the call to serve,

Each day trying not to forget what for

Always looking to do more.

With hearts for God’s people, they stand on the front lines,

Not for their glory or to get the praise,

They just want to put a smile on the Savior’s face

And hear, “Well done thy good and faithful servant.”

Knowing that they are diligent and did not become lax,

They continue to look to God to determine what was best,

And when the time calls for it, they yield themselves to rest

God honors the Servant’s Heart and rewards their selfless deeds

Thank God for them

Because they put aside thoughts of self and answered the call to meeting others' needs

Written by: Avis Sparks

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Barb Hegreberg
Barb Hegreberg
16 thg 1, 2021

What a beautiful tribute!

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