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Carry Me

Your faithful Presence stays beside me, supporting me when I sway

Your loving arm surrounds me, telling me it will be okay

Shore me up when my doubts make me shakily

Affirm Your truth

When I am weak, I can be strong with You

Carry me so that I can honorable carry You

Telling others of Your Love

Expressing the wonders that I can only explain as coming from above

Proclaiming that Christ died to set us free

Sharing the beauty of the relationship that can be had

Pronouncing that You want to be Our Savior, Friend, and Dad

Carry me so that I may carry You

So that others can see

The transformation that Your love causes

The strength Your grace gives

Your Presence that declares light in the darkness

And Your mercies that brings hope to our fears

Thank you that even if I don’t feel You are near

You Carry Me

Knowing that God is always there with me is one of the most reassuring and stabilizing things in my life. Even when I am not acting all the way right or feeling at my best, the Presence of God gives me the ability to rest and keep moving forward.

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