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Possibility of Yes

There has been a list of No’s in my life that God has used to show me my ignorance of His will and plans for the blessings in my life. The things that I have said I wouldn’t do and did not like have been challenged repeatedly. I have been corrected so many times by God about my pre-answers of “No” to the point that I am very cautious to voice what I will not do. My sister and I even joke about it if I open my mouth to form the sentence. So here are a few of my No’s that turn into Yes’s filled with wonderful possibilities.

I said I would never marry a doctor in college because they stay too busy. Yet, on April 21, 2012, I married my now husband, Mr. M.D., and our family has been profoundly blessed through his work ethic and diligence (along with the countless souls he has treated).

I said I would never live in New Orleans, LA as a young girl. In June 2012, I moved to New Orleans with my husband, and we both were blessed with jobs, opportunities, friends, and benefits that I wouldn’t have even known to ask for.

I declared throughout my adulthood; I would never purchase a stucco house. In July 2019, we purchased a wonderful brick and stucco home that held the list of everything my husband and I said we wanted in a house.

Fall 2019, I proclaimed I was not cut out to homeschool, and it is not for me. March 2020, my kids were sent home, and I was required to homeschool them for the rest of the school year. Through this, we were able to keep everyone healthy and safe during some of the most devastating periods of the pandemic and have wonderful family moments. (I also had the opportunity to grow in patience.)

I share this shortlist of some of my initial “No’s” that turned into “Yes’s” because I believed God said to do it. My initial reasoning, excuses, and opinions needed to take a backseat if I genuinely wanted to honor God and receive the blessings I had prayed for. The blessings and purposes didn’t come in the packages that I pictured for myself, but they were wrapped in packages that challenged my “Yes.” Would I say Yes despite the hang-ups I had about a particular thing? Would I walk through the doors presented to me obediently to enjoy the blessing, purpose, and plan God had for my life? Or would I reject His will because of my thoughts and opinions?

These instances and many others have shown me the possibilities of letting go of what I think and even feel and yielding my “Yes” to God’s plans. Yet, the Yes did not come devoid of growth, and the blessing established themselves in my life due to obedience.

If you are struggling with God’s plans because they have been wrapped up in some of your “NO’s,” think about the possibilities of your “Yes.” What open door is He trying to present? What prayer does He want to answer? What blessings is He trying to pour into your life? All He needs is your willingness to stay yes for the possibilities to become a reality.

Lord, let there be a Yes in our hearts to the things You are calling us to do. Help us to continue in acts of obedience so that we may follow Your plan and receive the blessings, purpose, and rewards. Whatever keeps us from saying yes, deliver and heals us from those things so that we may live in Your will for our lives. Let us keep a “Yes, Lord” in our hearts and on lips that will overcome our hesitation to follow you, In Jesus Name Amen.

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Jan 22, 2022

I said that I would not die young

of some sad wasting disease,

but that is what the cancer brung

and dropped me right down to my knees

before the fire (I'm so cold!)

that my wife faithfully stokes,

and today I feel quite old,

and maybe I'm fresh out of jokes,

but I know that in this season

that I would have turned away,

God has given rhyme and reason

to the rigours of the day

and though I am nearly beat,

has made my life and work complete.


Suzette K.
Suzette K.
Jan 21, 2022

Isn't it wonderful how God turns our No's into Yes's so we can find out how much He cares for us and how much greater His plans are than ours. Lovely post! Your FMF neighbor.

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