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Teachable Moments

We all have those moments that would teach or preach as some would say. If we would take notice and take what we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, and began to perceive them with our minds. The issue with teachable moments, after we get over the dilemma if we caught them or not, is the question of application. I had a few teachable moments this week, and I will share one in hopes that you will find it of benefit in some way in your life.

After dinner one night, our six-year-old son Ellis asked his dad when was his next day off. My husband didn't answer immediately, and Ellis followed with another question. "Why don't you just quit your job if you don't like it?" My husband responded with a sincere, "That's not true." Ellis felt the need to defended his thought and responded , "Well, you are always saying you don't want to go to work." Kensley, our four-year-old, chimed in to support Ellis's claims. With that, their dad responded with a reflective "I guessI need to stop saying that then." I know that my husband loves his job and his impact on other people's lives, but my son developed his conclusion only from the remarks made in tiredness and frustration.

Thinking back on that conversation made me see how the inner child in me is listening to the things I say in frustration, tiredness, discomfort and has come to some conclusions that are not true. The words I have said in times of not wanting to face something has begun to seep in and establish emotions, perceptions, and arguments within myself that are not true.

So, encourage you as I encourage myself to be mindful of what you are saying to yourself. Be sure you have conversations that help you deal with your situation, grow as a person, and walk in purpose. Tiredness, disappointments, frustration, etc., can cause us to have words on repeat in our minds that stifle and discourage us rather than motivate us to tackle the challenges of life. They hinder our growth and development into the people God designed us to be. These words hinder us from walking in the good works, relationship, and promises God has purposed for us with attitudes of joy, confidence, and gratefulness.

As you go through your days and weeks, remember to acknowledge the teachable moments. These moments are like a tap on the shoulder from God, calling us to take notice and be encouraged. They show us God does have a better way in mind than the way we are going. They reveal areas for growth, the beauty of God's promises, and the desire for God to see us at our best.

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