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Well, with My Soul

In our lives, with all the pains, struggles, and horror, we have to remember and at times be reminded that God does want us whole, well, and empowered. The weight of this world and the lies of the enemy will try to convince us that the promises of God are not for us and that being truly well is impossible. But if you are like me, when you get a glimpse of what Christ meant when He said He wanted to give us life more abundantly, you began to desire to see more of it in your life.

Our eternal connection to God was made possible because of His love for us. Because of His love for us, He also created standards and principles to keep us well, stable, and strong during our stay on this earth. Unfortunately, this world is full of situations, ideals, and agendas that will try to assault, oppress, steal, and tempt us into lesser states of being and living then Christ died for us to have.

When the weight of the world weighs on me, those moments of peace, of triumph, and joy, those glimpses of Christ's promises, cause me to want to find and apply the principles of God in my life so that I can be well again. So, I decided and began to take steps of faith and walk in the path of obedience that brings me closer to the promises of God.

Our wellness is found in our obedience.

Miracles are fantastic and can change situations. Yet, miracles are not guaranteed, but fruit from our labor of obedience is guaranteed. God lets us know that if we honor Him and utilize what He has prepared for us, He will bless those things we have sown and allow us to reap a harvest. Walking faithfully in the principles of God may not miraculously propel us into the promise. Still, it does set us up to walking into opportunity and provision that holds the blessing. Our walk of faith and obedience will guide, strengthen, and wizen us as we prepare ourselves to receive the promises of God.

As believer's our new lives, our ingrafting into the Body of Christ, started with faith and dependence on Christ and the love of God. How it all started is how we will have to continue if we want things to stay well with our souls. But, first, we have to remain connected and dependent on God. This means to engage in a relationship with God and look for His guidance on how to walk in purpose and promise.

Father God, thank You for Your love and provision that delivers us and makes us well. Create in us a clean heart and renew in us the right spirit. May we look to You each day to restore our souls and guide us through the trials of life. Help us to stand firm in hope and find rest for our souls as we walk obediently in Your instructions to promise. In Jesus Name Amen
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